Alexandra (innocent_lexys) wrote,


I am putting this here, because I just might get even more personal with my updates, so I am doing a friends-cut, again. Please remove me if you aren't interested in my personal life, feelings and whatsoever. I am a very emotional person, so things might get either very sad or very happy here.

Feel free to comment if you want to stay around, you don't have to though, I have some of you, I would never cut. But this time around I won't keep old friends out of sentiment, for the "old times" as I used to for the past friends-cuts. I don't mean any offense, and it has been great being friends while we actually communicated.

I guess I will stop rambling now, I think you all understand I just want to keep my lj tight and with people whom we communicate with frequently.

That said, again, please feel free to remove me, no hard feelings. It has been a great journey, I wish you great friends and people to connect with.

And for those of you who want to stay, I think I know the ones, you know I love having you around. ♥

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